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The prophecies of Rachel, verse 125.

The dance is in full-flow. Macron in a flowing cape and cutlass is floating over the floor in his devilish Gallic mode, trademark grin etched in place, cutting a fantastic contrast with swarthy demons. Warrior maidens there are a-plenty to take his arm but his eye is ever drawn to Rachel, now an ebony swaying beast, her yellow eyes glinting across the dancefloor.

Finally they collided. “May a have the honour?”

“I’m all yours sugah – oops – been reading too many X-Men comics”

“Bande dessinee? The French are the most sophisticated.”

“Emmanuel! You are being true to type. Now, I wanna show you something – care for a G and T?”

“You’re going to show me how to pour one?”

“No, no – you silly boy! I want to show you.. something real.”

“OK, it’s a deal.”

The scene is now the ramparts , Rachel and Emmanuel are nestled in an alcove, to either side are turrets with roosting demons. The sky is glassy clear and star-spangled. “Rachel, this G and T has really gone to my head. I feel as if, somehow, this fantastical scene is many.. many times realer than.. than the cities, the towns.. It’s strange.”

“G and T has that effect I find. It IS real, Emmanuel. ‘You think life is a briefcase full of ABC?’ That’s a quote from Moshe.”

“Dieux – perhaps he’s right. The stars, the demons.. the battlements.. you, your yellow eyes, your bestial skin colour. And I - I am a serpent.”


“No, no, I’m not that kind of man. I am NO man.”

“No man?”

“I am but a sham.. We.. my race.. we merely play at politicking. I – I can no longer hide it.. Suddenly, Emmanuel leaps on the battlements howling like a blood-crazed demon.

“AAAWHHOOO!! Yesss, I’m not ashamed, I am of the serpent race. I wish to become human.”

(to be continued)

The Hyborian city-state, the rolling hills and lakes and tree-bound mounds of yore are real because primordial. This begs the question, why does the modern world appear real? The answer has to be that electrochemical impulses ARE real -there’s no illusion or fiction – however, it’s what they perceive that may very well be an illusion.

This is the basic problem at the heart of empirical reason – see Tales of Faith 10. Since everything of empiricism in The New Atlantis is contained in the head (of scientists) it is all electrochemical impulses. Unless you say we ARE electrochemical impulses – more or less AI – you’re in a quandary that goes back to Dark Star and phenomenology (Pictorial 21).

We are actually proportionate beings (with 8 heads per body ideally) that use the throat for song and food and breath. Unless you say proportion can be explained electrochemically – by means of reason – there’s a quandary. Everything that exists in reason is disproportionate and reflects the ego (of the supreme-sorcerer). The larger the ego the more dislocated the reason becomes – see Hyborian Bridge 21 on scholar-sorcerers and natural balance.

As I tend to say, proportion involves two things: the anatomy; and the expressive, primordial rhythms. Unless everything is anatomical, that circle can’t be squared. Classically-speaking, everything is not anatomy because that is Apollo (order).

Without Dionysus there is no lust and no living expression of line, song, dance, throat.. Maria Callas, Greek drama. The basic problem (with empiricism a la The New Atlantis) is that all these egos – sorcerers – Darwin, Einstein are electrochemical impulses. They are not expressing processes, they are expressing thought processes.

You have to eventually admit that that reality exists in the head and not in the song and dance of the body. Where everything is thought, we are basically told what to think (by “them”) and the proportionate head is history. That is, the athletic grace and majesty of figures in history like, say, Pericles of Athens, or figures in historical adventures like Helene of Rome (Tros of Samothrace).

These are figures who may be statesman or outlaws (Robin Hood) or warriors (Red Sonya) and who are introspective, cunning and lusty. The disproportionate head presupposes a reality that is dislocated from the body. Once inside that (illusory) reality, fact becomes fiction and the more illusions we are fed the more real they seem.

This is courtesy of the supreme-sorcerer, since light (the sun) is so convincing. What’s convincing is not strength, it is light or electromagnetism. To give a concrete example

”Symphony of the Seas” is the biggest cruise-liner in history so clearly has to be American. Obviously, it’s there to transport tourists on cruises in a fair degree of comfort. So, what’s wrong with that? Nothing’s wrong with it, except the fact that all our experiences are electrochemical impulses, Everything, bar nothing. You could be on a voyage to Mars.

Any travel involves a life-capsule – ie an electrical life-support system – in air, on land, in space, on sea. Any travel anywhere in the universe involves electrochemical impulses. Travel per se without the proportionate sense of head to body is all one thing. It could be an illusion. There’s only one way to tell – the only sure thing is if you express athletic power, grace, poise on your adventure on land, sea, river. This jaunty ’77 piece by Emmylou Harris doesn’t seem to fit the monster liner


Luxury liner, forty tons of steel

If I don't find my baby now

I guess I never will

I've been a long lost soul

For a long, long time

If that cruise is our present-day reality, you could contrast it with a dilapidated ferry from Tintin going along the Danube, you go past Trajan’s bridge (Hyborian Bridge 2), a monument to the human body in athletic motion (slaves). Places and figures that connect us to history and myth, meaning (epistemology). The rugged power of immortal scenes, celebrated in song (throat). Tintin is 1930s same as Weird Tales – you see where this is going?

In the other Hyborian reality we are warriors and maidens and we ride through the hills and forests of yore. America – the West – is physical exertion over rough ridden country. It’s Quicksilver and not Taylor Swift. Our imagination and fantasy are strengthened by our connection with iconic forces. Because we live in an illusory world that is very convincing (like the liner) we are not necessarily aware that it exists in the head. The “blame” for that has to go to the acolytes, an enfeebling breed who aren’t as clever as they seem to think.

The prophecies of Rachel, verse 130.

“So, you spiked his drink. But why didn’t you tell us?”

“I have this thing about plans. You know you said in the serpent-head everything is finely-controlled - even the smile only appears casual?”

“Yes, they exist outside of nature, as a reflection, not a reality.”

“Well, I wanted it to appear completely natural, I’m just chatting, no whispers of conspirators, that kind of thing. Everything just happens, man.”

“And it did happen! How did you ever think up such a brilliant strategy?”

“Just through hippy research. Grace Slick was invited to the White House and thought spiking Nixon’s drink would actually make him less warlike – she was stopped at the door – it got me thinking.”

“The serpent’s tongue was loosened – brilliant.”

“’The serpent’s tongue was loosened’. This is the enigmatic message brought to you by CNN’s Coral Armstrong, coming from Transylvania in the hours since it has emerged that President Macron is a defector to the cause of mitteleuropa. There he stood against a cinematic backdrop of turrets and roosting demons, hollering from the ramparts, ‘I am a serpent, my life is a sham.’

What now for France? Whither Brigitte? Is this the end of the European dream – or the beginning of one? Next: Swiss banks, the new face of AI?”

(to be continued)

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