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Back in Pictorial 1 there's a piece on Zuckerberg as the ram's head (Thoth Amon) of ego-compulsion. A guy that likes the lie of VR over the dream if the universe (Sibelius's Finlandia).

These guys (a la Musk) have a single eye that gazes at itself, inward-turning and detestable. It could be the eye of a universe, and it's hell-on-Earth. Yet that's exactly what "they" do; create a universe from a single eye.

The eye if illusion - of numerical compulsion - that says the less real something is they more they like it. Then, of course, it has to be sold and how do you sell the vanishing point of technique? With

I came across yet another example of this in a piece on post-corona manufacture. "They" have been putting their heads together and in future,

"Supply chains, industrial policies and geopolitical competition.. will become one."

This will be the new security - but what is it? It turns out it's our old friend the algorithm, utilized I'm smart 3D-printing and suchlike.

"We are going to see more trade in..intellectual capital and away from the physical."

Yes, exactly, because all products are information - unless they're organic. You can't 3D print a monkey, but you could 3D print DNA.

Then you have the living death of DNA-algorithm, profane meat, proxy sex. This is what Zuckerberg & Co are good at: PIL for the hybrid future. Ego-lust, inward-turning and detestable.

Physical boredom from the Black Sun of numerical compulsion, the origin of which is the vanishing point of technique in a perspective universe - from a single eye gazing at itself.

This is attractive to the ego-lust of PIL since the end result is logically inevitable; the universe as a sterile system, or ones and zeros.

"Energy-efficient properties get too warm and may be contributing to deaths, govt research finds." (DT)

The endless advance into sterility is like a type of repetition; more smart-homes, more numbers, addictive to the ego (head).

Meanwhile, the body as finality, as something that lives in the heat of the day and the cool of the night air is relegated to the sublime primitivism of yesterday.

Except that sublime primitivism is the original creativity of Man on the savannas; the original revolution of a strong psyche and a strong spear; mind and body.

Instead of endless advance, numerical repetition and sterility, there was the sublime simplicity of rhythm and melody.


This is the original creativity the Martians are so keen on suppressing, free as the wind and running with the hyenas.

Rhythm and melody are the female attributes, the bodily attributes that tie Man's activities to finality; the day and the night; fertility and birth. Finality is the revolution that breaks free of sterile repetitions that convince the ego of an endless advance into the universe of straight lines (sun, perspective, Galileo).

Into the vanishing point, of words becoming numbers, of the expressive algorithm, the stories "they" tell that do not tell of the revolution that I'd.. night (the other side of the Earth).

Finality is night that destroys the light. The rebirth of night sounds. Destruction is not death, it is life by another form, night owls and the hunt. There is still plenty of




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