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”DNA Dragon” is loosely inspired by the romance of the BWS illustrated “Red Nails”. Valeria and Conan gaze apprehensively down on the roiling spume of baleful dragon-breath, empty fury from chasms measured by Man. Enfolded as they are by twin serpents of the unconscious who shed their skins in the eternal cycle of regeneration, they are secure in their fortress. On the velum of the twisting skins is written in letters of blood, “DNA Dragon”, the future foretold.

"More especially the threat to one’s inmost self from dragons and serpents points to the danger of the newly acquired consciousness being swallowed up again by the instinctive psyche, the unconscious. The lower vertebrates have from earliest times been favourite symbols of the collective psychic substratum, which is localized anatomically in the subcortical centres, the cerebellum and the spinal cord. These organs constitute the snake. Snake-dreams usually occur, therefore, when the conscious mind is deviating from its instinctual basis." ~
Carl Jung; Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious; page 166

Dreams of snakes, dragons, lizards or other reptilian animals can be provocative. According to evolutionary science, reptiles were at the root of a genetic matrix from which all land vertebrate life evolved. Millions of years of biological divergence from the trunk of the vertebrate "Tree of Life" resulted in a world full of back boned animals that, despite their dissimilar outward appearance, share the same parental lineage---an encoded past locked in their DNA.  We humans share DNA with other land vertebrate life forms

DNA: PR for Clever Liars


Zappa’s song from Broadway seems to prefigure the ego-spawns’ ability to lie their way to the top. Dawkins is rivalled only by Freud in his ability to create a pseudo-science out of a load of old junk, in this case DNA.

Iona Miller emphasises “dissimilar outward appearance”, implying that DNA has no relation to appearance. It basically acts as a recorder; a recorder for universal forces of nature that are sinuous, rhythmic, counterpoised, spiralling.

The serpent is primitive form and is contained in the primitive mind (cerebellum). The liars will force their forked-tongues to evade any mention of meaning and power in body-posture; the power of sinews-in-action; the meaning of statuesque grace in dramatic recitation. The diva’s throat is a snake in glorious action. The human neck reptilian in its primitive allure.


The lies are designed to enfeeble mankind, to make of them a proxy for machine-algorithms. Open your eyes. We are stylized meaning and power, not clever machines. Clever people make clever lies, and DNA is just the latest.

Song, blood, phlegm, throat-muscles, body-stance, counter-balance in athletics, discus, the head posed atop flexible neck (the neck is there to cushion the head in all its arrogance; to say its primitive allure has reptilian DNA would be patently absurd).

Meaning and power, rhythms and grace. The liars’ forked-tongues spew meaningless facts.. to their bloody destruction.

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Romantic Roundup

“Judgement of the Dead, by the Living”

Interesting failures” are of more worth than inconsequential competence, if you agree with BWS the mezzotint isn’t “painterly”. By that, one tends to mean Titianesque flourishes of vivid colour; however, I’ve seen plenty of modern art that is painterly that is about as interesting as drying paint. Leonardo is an artist who was more technically accomplished than painterly; Hockney is a draftsman but a mediocre painter.

More important probably is how the artist’s style is taxed by the subject, so the work has some psychic depth. Even the calligraphy in “Judgement” is of interest. The supinely sinuous bodies bear witness to graceful intent on the boat of the dead coming through the Charon, they being the chosen ones living on Elysian shores after death. Their interest is piqued as they are not basking in smug satisfaction.

The content is wildly cyclical and these beings partake of nature’s vastness with noble solemnity. Their gaze is not on enfeebled mortality but on the urgings of fate that carry souls to their destiny. The psychic thrust of the picture says this; that life is wild dream and that we are a dream of the universe. Those who choose to believe in Instagram mortality are truly blind to the immortal dream that Man is heir to.

What is truth? What is fate? What is fortune? It is what we choose to believe with strength of sinew and psyche. The only alternative is weakness; enfeeblement of mortal remains through the prism of the baleful eye that regards itself, ego-lust personified. Those who promote mortality like a porcine peak-show desecrate life as dream, more particularly the American Dream, with the world view of life as information flows.

Information flows of no grace, of psychic weakness that parasitizes the human body for its own vulgar ego-lust, inward-turning and detestable. Look outward to perceive another truth, that is within your own psyche, that strengthens your being. Weakness is what “they” want to become truth, so look outward and dream again.

Thoth Amon Comes to Town

The primitivism and sublimity of the cosmos is reality by the reckoning of “right-wing” philosophies – Jung, Nietzsche, Howard – so, yeah, I’m no liberal but harshness is not all. How can one have true love if there is no dark night? See The House That Rand Built 2 (in harsh light)


That’s a recording by Cat Stevens, and where would we be without recordings? Abso-fuckin-lutely. We record time and events with notches; the shape of something is a recording of information (colourful rose petals); memory is a recording of events and shapes.


The big question, though, is what makes something not a recording? The answer is the primitivism and sublimit y of the cosmos. An original can’t be a recording. Modern Man flees from this world of darkness and true love is lost forever. That is why I say DNA must be a recording of what is totally physically true – take a look at Burne Hogarth’s Tarzan studies

The helter-skelter of limbs flying through space – what is anatomy? The stresses and strains of mechanical  motion in time and space, Newtonian physics. Yes, but it’s also the human head cantilevered by the slender neck, the great unconscious, the backbone and the undulating motion that moves living things through their desires

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That is content – psyche, physique - and without that mechanical motion is just dead matter. Newtonian motion may be “correct” but it is not sensual or erotic. Newton created a mechanical world (though in later years he pored over mystic almanacs!) One can live with that since at least it’s “correct”. It’s when the Thoth Amon-types arrive that you reach for your scimitar. Truth to them is their mortal enemy since they rise through their lies.

Zuckerberg is the “face” of the deadly ram’s head, and he seems to have developed into a sort of everyday statesman, spewing lies like confetti. Where to start? The truth is we live and we die and our destiny is in the stars. The mortal dimension has to relate to that fact of existence, which is love or hate, but at least reality. Strength, hope. We live through the strength of our dreams, the spirit of the past, the founders, the heroic shape of a Harley-Davidson. We remember the delectable landscape poised on air and water – recordings of our collective unconscious.

That is strength and heroic vistas. The alternative is weakness, moral disintegration, the reign of the banal dictator Thoth Zuckerberg. Everything he says is the literal opposite of truth because he lives in the land of the banal dictator. The less real something is the more he likes it.

“Some people say VR is isolating and antisocial, I actually think the opposite.. Saying that VR is isolating because it is immersive is a really narrow view of the world.”

Right, it’s narrow because to him broad vistas are compressed to a single eye gazing at itself, inward-turning and detestable. That eye could have the universe in it and that universe is hell-on-earth (see Metamorphosis). I say again that a recording has to record reality in its totality, as DNA must do, so its outward-striving impulse is sensual, strong and erotically-charged.

Recording has to be perfection. Perfection, because it is obtained from the sensual, the sexual, the spreading of seed and close natural rhythms of copulation. That is Dionysus. The primitivism of nature’s delectable rhythms. The bees in rose petals; spirit and visceral strength; harvest. DNA is a mere recording and has the weakness of a recording. It is sex-by-proxy, prey to ego-lust and ego-spawn. We are not a recording, our bodies are strong and our minds are pure. We cannot be destroyed. The dragon of ego-lust shall be conquered.

Everything Zuckerberg says is a lie born of ego-confusion, abject weakness and failure of spirit, heralding a living death of DNA-algorithm machine “cures” which cannot penetrate to the reality of the delectable rhythms that make us what we are; lightness, grace, the athlete dancing on the seas of fate. The appalling truth is he loves robots and would mate with them if he could. In their Newtonian dimension they are umbilically-linked. The cord kills the dream, and the dream is the universe. The stars wink out, one by one.

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