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The apocalypse is upon us; from 30sWeird Tales came the burgeonings of unconscious forebodings; from 60s San Fran came the sensual awakening..

Imagine you’re in the enchanted forest (of Faerie Queene or Noto), leaves crunching underfoot, dappled glades to either side; the leaves then merge with ground to become mulch; the fertility that cycles through the seasons; the voluptuous sensuality of the twilight grove.

You may then come to recognize the relation between degradation and the Dionysian sense of gaiety (revelry). Every revival springs from decay or degradation because there is a primeval force to the netherworld. The gaiety that is unleashed  is born of fertile horizons.

The introspective adventurers that wander through the pages of 30s Weird Tales are more berserker than gay, you could say; dancers with death who bestride a sensual world. The sensual reveals its opposite, which is the age-old burgeonings of unconscious fears, vile devourers of the simple and pure, the dragon-form ego-spawn of the modern labyrinth (origins Thoth Amon, Lovecraft)

The allure of Weird Tales is a thing of the earth and of the primal forces that are contained in unconscious urges. “It’s weird in there”, to quote Grace Slick, because the nature of our being is not as “they” say. Allure is all, grace and symmetry are all, the rhythmic sense of being, the power of erotic urge and of searing vision. All else is as nought.



1 We think the US Constitution is OK..

2 ..but advocate a non-political lifestyle

3 The lifestyle is initially rooted on “Weird Apocalypse”..

4 ..and amendments can be tabled in due course

5 Very generally, there are different types of people

6 One type is the powerful political person (PPP)

7 We advocate intuitive types..

8 ..hence much less concerned about technical matters (technique)..

9 ..and much more predisposed to action (physique)

10 The world of action is a different universe..

11 discussed in “Weird Apocalypse”

12 Very generally, PPPs tend to the robot..

13 ..while intuitive types tend to the wild, the animal

14 “Weird Apocalypse” is basically discussing these two..

15 ..classically known as Apollo and Dionysus..

16 ..or social order versus wild revelry

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