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The prophecies of Rachel, verse 181


Coral turns and sees from afar the waving figure of Mini-Merkel, soon-to-be German chancellor.

“Allo.. I am Mini-Merkel. I am come to see the games.”

“Wilkommen, bienvenu.. you just missed milady but I think I see Rachel over there with some shtetlans..Rachel!”

“I would really like to see the lord of Hyborian Hosts.. it is still hard to believe.. I shake my head.. the figures don’t add up.”

“Over here, Rachel! M-M says the figures don’t add up – for his lordship.”

Rachel ambles over. “Which figures?”

“Any figures. This battle, you say, is eldritch technology.. to me this is like a Marvel Comic.”

“But it IS a Marvel Comic! It’s direct from Louis Simonson’s X-Factor”

“Ach – but how can this be happening – in the middle of Europe?”

“You’re saying you don’t believe it?”

“If it happens, then I believe”

“Oh I see. Then, those figures, the ones that run the economy, you do believe those?”

“Of course – those are facts”

“So, numbers that run through a computer are “facts” while..” pointing, “that tree over there isn’t?”

“Rachel – we deal in facts to run things! That tree isn’t a fact – it’s reality!”

“Well, listen, Moshe says everything about you is a reflection. Your glasses reflect facts, you reflect facts, and you are a reflection of Merkel.”

“I – uh – that is true. We live in a factual world, Rachel”

“So how do you know you’re real and not a reflection?”

“I – uh – I don’t know what to say!”

“No, maybe not. I think you should wander round the encampment a little. Say hullo to Moshe and the boys. Let your hair down”

“Ha ha! The last I don’t know”

(to be continued)

Before leaving X-Factor for good, it did strike me that the epic Mr Sinister arc was a retcon on Scott’s life up until Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963). How is it that mainstream comics have this facility of adding layers of history to the original 4-color gems. Isn’t it because the dynamics of a comics page ACTUALLY creates time and (the illusion of) space? No plot is possible without those being specified almost in an Aristotelean way (theatre). Comics are ACTUAL sequences in time and (the illusion of) space.

The very strong rhythmic simplicity of comics (50s to 90s) is the a priori ingredient that traditional societies need for psychic and physical meaning, gaiety and melancholy. The “lost world” of the shtetlan and of naïve kinship is simply the world of naïve song and dance (Fiddler on the Roof) The politician’s eyes which reflect facts resemble those of the sorcerer from the Grand Guignol

One is drawn to the baleful eyes of reflecting facts, while disregarding what the artist has drawn as a bird of carrion pecking at bones. The eyes of the politician cannot see this reality of natural living because they can only see reflections (on a monitor).

Yet, the bestial truth is that the strong rhythms of nature are there when the bird of carrion flies and feasts. The baleful eyes of the politician subsist on these rhythms of nature, but, since they only see reflective facts, these strong rhythms of life and death are out of their range of view.

They are closed-off from their own death even though it’s the biggest fact of life! Closed-off by reflective facts. The range of the sorcerer is the reality that is hidden from our eyes by continual reflections. If Einstein is “Long-tongue”, a Hyborian-era sorcerer, that is the serpentine reality that is hidden from us by the fact that we live in thought-processes, not ACTUAL processes. The tongue that sings, the throat that swallows and breaths and that connects the head to the proportionate body (8 heads per body).

(Pictorial 25)

The thought-processes of acolytes (of the supreme-sorcerer) reflect facts that are cut-off from the strong rhythms of nature – of night (moon), predator-prey, the birds of carrion, the dark underground forces of rebirth. Yet, these are the forces that let in the everlasting gaiety and melancholy of pan and the dance of the faun. Here’s an example of how the scientific establishment thinks, Israeli firm Aleph Farms has

“..successfully produced the first pieces of beef steak, grown from natural cells without harming any animals.”

Chef Amir Ilan, of the restaurant Paris Texas in Ramat Gan, Israel, who cooked the first dish using the steak said: “This meat has a great look and the original texture of a steak. For me, it is a great experience to eat meat that has the look and feel of beef but has been grown without antibiotics and causes no harm to animals or the environment.

"Finally a meat you can enjoy which is good for your health and the planet.”(DT)

So, according to the scientific etablissement, slaughtering animals is unhealthy? Au contraire, it’s a natural cycle of life and death which used to strengthen Man on the ranges of the West and the meat-yards of the east (Americana). What “they” are saying is that no predatory-cycles should exist that give the body of Man meaning, through the strength of movement of hooved animals on the plains (of the West) and the natural processes of decay and regeneration, of slaughter and butchering (in the east).

The myth of Man – in the West as elsewhere – is that the athletic figure existed as a psychic force. The physical and the psychic become one in the legendary figures of the West, owing to the inherent power of the totality of movement on the plains of the West – from the worms to the thundering herds to rider and hoss. ACTUAL processes that are not planned by Man, that occur naturally, that are strong, cyclical, dynamic, everlasting (The Great Spirit).

Do you see where this is heading? The forces that aren’t planned are primal and real. They are naïve and hidebound like the shtetls – Pictorial 33. They are not the Israel of Netanyahu that is planned to the last iota, and they are not the “New Jerusalem” that is a political capital rather than a spiritual nexus. The shtetlan of mitteleuropa were real, modern Israel is an illusion (of the ego). But, don’t worry, it’s not just the Middle East. Europe is also an illusion of planning by thought-processes, rather than the reality of ACTUAL processes, strong and pure.

All are acolytes of the supreme-sorcerer and facts that are also reflections (Faraday-relativity Hyborian Bridge 21). That is, a fully-fledged theory that exists in the brain – electrochemical impulses or thought-processes rather than ACTUAL processes (sequences in time and space, as in comics).

Because reflections are convincing, and because the eyes of politicians reflect this conviction, we live in this sort of nothingness of convincing illusions. The cold-blooded serpent “Lying in circles in the sunlight” SNAKE SONG album version). The guys at CERN staring at their monitors (of solar energy); the Dow-Jones guys whose screens deliver monetary facts.

(see also Alphaville Alternates 4 the circle motif of Alpha-60). These facts are always convincing because reflections are convincing to the ego. The reality of death and the dark underground forces of rebirth are nowhere to be seen. To “them” everything is material and nothing is psychic because the strong, everlasting cycles of life and death are denied. They deny their own death and live a life of convincing illusion, a lie born of ego and weakness.

A real society is unplanned, intoxicating, like theWeird Tales of Talbot Mundy

A real society has empirical tradition (Tales of Faith 10). So, this really goes back to Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis which posited empirical reason (of the rational mind). Bacon realized at the time that the mind was not empirical, since it is thought, a danger he recognized in “The Idol of the Den”. What seems to have happened is that this threat has been realized in the supreme-sorcerer, who said, “Time is an illusion”, and hence we live in thought-processes and not ACTUAL processes. Since all (political) thought is basically planned, it destroys the essence of freedom in muscular being that is exemplified in Howard’s Hyboria.



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