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The prophecies of Rachel, verse 69.

“Run that by me again. The ebony ones are the good guys?”

“Verily, for Aragossa stands at the conflux of temporal streams. I, for example, am from a Carpathian shtetl thousands of years hence. The serpent-headed ones invaded my own time and became leaders of the world under one called “Einstein Long-tongue”. The Earth scorches under the insane rule of his loathsome acolytes.”

Here, the Rabbi stopped and shook his head, doffing his hat and mopping his brow.

“Ay, ay ay, the times they are a’changing!”

They were in a picturesque but gloomy tavern crowded with men and women of the shtetl, all champions of the cause of reclaiming the Earth from the slithering tyranny of Long-tongue and his cohorts. Rachel and the entity were quite settled-in, the local liquor to their taste, when Rachel suddenly spied a jukebox.

“Shit! Is that a gen-u-ine 20th century jukebox?”

“Sure, as I say we’re at a crossroads of time-streams and that’s quite a unique antique piece - from ’67 if memory serves.”

“’67.. San Fran.. summer of love? Would it have “Codine” by Quicksilver? That’s a killer psychedelic blues.”

“Well, Rachel, as you’ll have gathered we are natural born rebels here. That tune you speak of is known to all here.”

“No kiddin’?”

“Absolutely. More precisely, Fillmore ’68.”

“Mitra! You’re my sort of dudes.” So saying, she sprang away

“Hey – have you a Brythunian shtetling?”

“No need, it’s run by solar battery for no charge”

and, almost magically, the sound of “Codine” rang out with a dark, threatening ambiance.


So, now you know why “they” keep asking us to pick-up dogshit. Rule-based reason, or the serpentine thought-processes of acolytes of the supreme-sorcerer which identify with the sun (Apollo) and order. The head takes into itself the order of the sun while the wild, delicate and faunlike places of cyclical streams are left far behind. The weakness of ego replaces the moonlit dances of the faun.

The supreme-sorcerer is simply the head-serpent, the template that the world follows. If you take music, for example, the directness and crystal-clear crispness of Quicksilver has the roughness of live action (at any one time) on-stage (place.) Time and place are the reality – real axes, sounds, ambience, audience. Modern bands, by contrast, are hybrid-lifeforms, at least half-machine, no rough-edges, they are all image, no meaning and therefore no content (psyche).

Time and place are necessary for the physical and psychic aspect of performance. Style that is felt, content that is of the era – 67/68 San Fran – and so has strength, integrity. But hybrid-lifeforms are what serpent-headed men are; it’s the same thing. They are all acolytes of one thing


Yes, I came across this link to the next phase of “them” – Swiss quantum-computers that run the financial system (you couldn’t make it up!) just down the road from CERN at Lake Geneva. It seems to make the point that all roads of “Long-tongue” lead to the wormdollar. From what I gather, a quantum-computer is single photons – ie light – run by electronics, so you’re in Einstein’s relativity universe of light where light is a reflection of Faraday’s law of induction (see prev.)

Obviously, the opposite to light is dark, meaning the shady groves, the rumbling jungle, tom tom drums of ancient African rains. The dollar – or the photon-dollar – of “their” future, goes away from the hunt over hill and through dale (Diana), the lifecycles that are the fertile wellspring of Earth. Therefore, the strength of fertility is not theirs, the strength of compost and loam, rains and seasons that grow health. So, you’re left with their pathological hygiene and Gates’ super-duper pathogen-killing toilet.

There are two universes. One is run by light and the end result is probably a photon-AI – the very mirror-image of Einstein’s electrochemical impulses. Everything is rule-based and financial, and therefore psychically weak.

In the other universe, the ground-based activity of Earth lets in the dark, which destroys light. This is needed for strength and fertility and lets in the wild forces of nature. Instead of pathological cleanliness (to zero effect), the wild places break-down pathogens cleanly and sufficiently and act as a base in which Man can restore his culture. Instead of pathological activity in our towns and cities, the gay abandon of rural psyche and physical luster again rides out on the high plains and low groves.

In order to get what I mean it’s really necessary to appreciate that a photon is a type of nothingness, zero - like the financial system (see Mercantilism Hyborian Bridge 6). So, one universe is the big zero in that it’s based on the ego of the supreme-sorcerer. It’s run by hybrid-lifeforms, serpent-head acolytes of “MC SQUARED”.

The ego is a type of weakness without the primordial rhythms of the universe; seasonal fluctuations and weatherbeaten luster that you actually see in the compost of a country garden. It’s a case of strength versus weakness. I happen to know something about this as I spent a year at a dilapidated French chateau with some guys who had put an ad in Resurgence (an alternative magazine started by John Papworth who later ran Fourth World Review - the human scale). They had a compost toilet which consisted of simply a bucket which you would cover with a layer of compost and then later throw on the heap.

It’s simplicity itself but the main point is compost is a living entity that matures – like wine – and develops a sweet, earthy smell. The vine, the groves and wild places mature with the rains and seasons

“A book of verses underneath the bough

A flask of wine, a loaf of bread and thou

Beside me singing in the wilderness

And wilderness is paradise now.”

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

That is strength, because it is returning to the earth the living matter. It’s not a case of fertility or health (only), it’s a case of the strength of living matter. Those who are obsessed with cleanliness have a weakness of the ego that was visibly demonstrated by Bill Gates (prev.) They are acolytes or hybrid-lifeforms. The needs of the earth don’t bother them, and the main reason is they are acolytes. They’re clever as an acolyte is but they’re no Einstein! They only borrow his enigmatic theory and do gimmickry with it. They are the geeks whereas Einstein has never struck me as geeky, more a type of trickster character (almost a myth).

What “MC SQUARED” does is divert all attention away from primordial strength, without which there literally is nothing there – rien. You’re left with a single photon (quantum-AI) and the Swiss banks! They are all the same thing and they’re both zero. The rule-based future is essentially zero because of the absence of primordial rhythms that make things what they are. Have you wondered why the weather is so bizarre? Maybe for that reason. We are not information, not photons, not exchange or genome and not ego. We are primordial beings of Mother Earth.

That reality is not so much run as a lot of cycles are essentially self-running and exist in time and space. Now, in order to fight someone you have to do it in time and space: the speed of reaction and rhythmic coordination of limbs are almost everything. If you go back in time to our aristocratic heritage, our forebears had that warrior instinct and their heads or thought-processes were inclined in that direction.

The Douglas’s of Scotland for example were inveterate trouble-makers (not only against Sassenachs). The Marquess of Queensberry clan were known as the “mad, bad line” (Oscar Wilde, whose lover was Lord Alfred or “Bosie” of that line) and have had long line of odd deaths. Beth just od’d while Lord Milo fell off of a balcony in 2009

Dunlang from Conan #3 © Marvel 1970

I put his picture next to BWS’s as they bear a certain similarity, the broad, aristocratic brow, the strong jawline. Such men are born warriors and in days of old would fight from their castle keep. The Douglas’s were known as barbarians, however, they are also the people who win battles and shape history.

It’s not just the Douglas’s who find modern life tough (and probably mysterious); aristocrats who have privilege but no power are at a dead end. Just maintaining the estate is bank-breaking. And what is an ancestral seat but something that exists in time and space, something with rustic strength and almost mystical power (Edgar Allan Poe The Fall of the House of Usher).

If these people could fight on their own terms – with legitimate power – they could destroy the acolytes of a dead sorcerer whose basic electrochemical imprint is being used to run a world that is all image, all reflection and nothing real – the psychic, physical powerhouse of earth (or “Codine”).

Boredom is the toxin that kills the warrior spirit. If you take another look at BWS’s The Ram and the Peacock (HB32) notice the symbols of time – sundial – and space – prism? This does suggest the fallen wizard is a scholar of natural forces, and the garden as a source of strength and repose. The supreme-sorcerer, by contrast, is someone who imposes their ego on nature and thereby weakens it. The ego of acolytes attaches to weakness, their cleverness is working-off of weakness and infertility. “Codine” is reality which takes you out of the illusory nothingness established by the acolytes of “MC SQUARED”.


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