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When Einstein said, “time is an illusion”, he must have meant “relative to spacetime”. By “illusion”, scientists tend to mean outside of logic and therefore primordial, something a priori. Newton’s laws of motion can calculate the movements of planets, but I don’t suppose they explain gravity, until we come to General Relativity. But, in order to have GR, it needs to be understood that time is an illusion relative to spacetime – IE since spacetime is “warped” by gravity.

In other words, it’s essential for GR that time is illusory. I got this from Vincent of UVS

From: Vincent Wee-Foo <>

Sent: 31 December 2018 06:15

To: neil mcewan

Subject: Re: Gravity warp

Neil, your question is incredibly hard to reply for it to be correctly understood. I can only try to reply from my perspective by breaking up your statements.

{First, for spacetime to warp (GR), the experience of time would be illusory. IE GR relies on that observation.}

The fallacious Einsteinian GR relies on that observation, and this does not refer to reality. It is merely a concept of its abstract that posit the physical existence of time.

{So, my query is on " gravity probe B". Would the results it returned be consistent with universal nested vortices?}

Yes. The geodetic effect measured with gravity probe B, is a vortical phenomenon, albeit it was perceived from its localized frame of reference, which could not observe its vortical motion. 

This is much like perceiving the Solar System in the frame of reference with a static Sun, and therefore could not perceive its underlying vortical motions. But the results it return will nonetheless be consistent. 

I know this reply is mind boggling, so I hope it does not cause confusion like it would cause controversy. 

Happy New Year!

However, according to Theosophy (Madame Blavatsky Hyborian Bridge 44) reality IS illusory, and so any logical theory is going to be confusing, by definition. For any logical, factual universe, the SAME fact can have different explanations: see gravity probe B above, the “proof” for GR.

For readers of pulp fantasy, and associated topics like Madame Blavatsky, Vincent’s website may make a lot of sense, and may fit the facts. The main problem is his English makes it perilous to negotiate! The concepts of aether and spirals are common enough discussion points and not logical – primordial (Forum).

Reality isn’t logical and factual, it’s balanced and proportionate. We are athletic and rhythmic, our bodies are perfect (song, dance) and FROM THAT comes traditional lore – shamans, medieval apothecaries – see Mosaic Law Tales of Faith 10. In other words, traditional empiricism IS NOT logical and factual. It comes out of balance and proportion and FROM THAT come traditional facts..

Some of the town's companies are world leaders in extracting fragrance from raw materials using a range of methods and age-old know-how. One, Robertet, has just reintroduced an ancient technique of "enfleurage" whereby individual flowers are placed on fat, which absorbs their smell.  (archaic perfume practices revived DT)

There’s no such thing as a logical, factual universe and that is the paradox of reality. It gives us engineering facts, not reality..

Despite the Einsteinian relativity is pragmatic for its engineering applications, such as for predicting time dilation in the atomic clocks of orbiting satellites, it is as fallacious as geocentrism when referred to reality.

Naturally, we all are cognitively negated fools. And this causes all sort of confusion as well as false assertions in pragmatism when evaluating the actualities of the empirical observations. (Vincent email)

So, what is real? The body: action, chronology and power, predator and prey, the kill, blood, decay, earth, renewal.. The head, as I keep saying, is electrochemical impulses and, without the proportionate body, is not reality. The “reality” they give us is electrochemical and therefore bound to be confusing and plagued by pathological hygiene attached to reflections (CERN etc) and electromagnetic devices.

We become attached to devices that need hygiene in order to exist. AI and electromagnetic paraphernalia. It’s a sign of weakness and before you know it you are in the land of reflections and not of natural chronologies. The land of PR and the ego of the supreme-sorcerer – Pictorial 25 – and not of sequences in time.

The body is balanced and proportionate (on Earth) and to me that is an absolute. According to Relativity, all movements are relative, and there is no absolute – to me, the night sky IS an absolute. There is not just movement, there is stillness (the Earth we’re on), and there is movement (the stars above and the wandering planets). In other words, that is a rhythm supplied by stillness.

Now, you can say the Earth is not still, and we’re back in relative motion again. But, I just said that the body is an absolute, the body that lives in seasonal cycles that are the rhythm of earth against the cosmos..

In the fallacious Einsteinian relativity, space could warp and thus affects time. Its postulated subjective reality, is not the reality of our cosmos. 

The physical structure of the observable universe, is a nested vortical torus, has a shape formed by a manifested hypersphere. 

{My approach is a primordial rhythm, akin to Carl Jung and the serpent of the unconscious.

If I say seasons are a localised rhythm, you would agree?}

Everything vortically manifested in the precessing hypersphere, inherits its primordial rhythm.

Am not familiar with the work of Carl Jung and the serpent of the unconscious, so could not comment on it yet.

Agree on seasons are localized rhythm.(Vincent email)

Rhythm for western scientists is hard to grasp because it is balanced and proportionate. These are not facts, but they are reality. Day/night (twilight); earth/sea (river); woman/man (intermediary); predator/prey (scavenger, trickster). All these are definitive rhythms that give us strength on Earth.

They exist in the world of action and body, of myth and meaning. Theoretical physics has insidious “facts” – these are primal rhythms. Mainstream (Einsteinian) physics has become a PR of hygiene because the head is attached to “hygiene-machines” that work electromagnetically. The body, by contrast, is strong and active on earth, swift and daring in the hunt, the head proportionate and of full of cunning.

The illusory nature of reality is that it is not facts or logic, it is balance and proportion. From that we get traditions that are tied to natural cycles (with their own lore). An absolute world is a dramatic one where men become warriors and women become maidens. A relative world of logic is one where fact becomes fiction and the head disembodied (from proportion). Einstein, because he is logical and factual, gets the green light, BUT the same fact can fit different explanations and we get an explosion of spurious “facts” (see Forum dated 2008 Junglelord dismisses Higgs Boson which is now “fact” according to CERN, a “hygiene-machine” that produces spurious facts.)

Going back to Madama Blavatsky, the emanating, psychic vistas seem to have informed the pulps and one can imagine a Hyborian overlap with modernity, where the warrior is let loose to act with valour against the sorcery that becomes visible. In our world, the sorcerer is there to hide things, whereas in Hyboria the sorcerer’s predatory nature is grotesquely visible. The fantasy in mainstream comics also seems to expose the façade of hygiene (Cameron Hodge Pictorial 37). Without the muscular figure (body) in nature – in field or on horseback – we are being driven by “them” into a pathological weakness of reflections


Whereas the body sows fertility in nature by means of physical action, the brain becomes tied to electromagnetic reflections. Instead of strength this breeds hygiene (weakness). All electromagnetic contraptions need hygiene – it’s just the other side of the coin. The fact that CERN has to have pathological hygiene (in the linear accelerator going round at speed, a bit like Musk’s boring tunnels) is just the other side of the coin to this world of reflections that have no substance, no natural strength, but are ultra-convincing (Pictorial 25 see Einstein caption).

The origin (if we’re allowed to say “origin”) for all that is the idea that things are relative and not absolute. But, if this is actually a reflection (of Faraday Hyborian Bridge 21) then it is an illusion that engenders weakness. Reflections are very convincing (Pictorial 27) and so we get a lot of sincere talking-heads (PR) in the land of pathological hygiene.

The prophecies of Rachel, verse 192.

“I am Tusk! Tusk of Stygia!!”

The monstrous wurm of horror that had been the Hyborian Bridge roared its war cry. Writhing in muscular spasms, its tail lashed down once, twice, three times, each leaving a bloody wreckage of human flotsam. The pandemonium reached such a pitch of utter confusion amid the drenching storm that only the wails of the living and half-living were heard. The crescent moon shone intermittently on the scene of convulsion.

As the pitiful remnants stream into the castle, seeking its high-walled sanctuary, suddenly a fanfare sounds and the lord of Hyborian Hosts is there on his stallion.

“Archers! Mount and follow me!”

They stream out and soon the air is full of demons, who loosen their flame-arrows to light up the night sky. “Aim for the head!” cries the lord, and volley after volley sighs into the air.

As the beast bucked and heaved it looked bad for the horsemen; several were flattened, then an arrow struck deep in an eye and the creature writhed upwards.

“AAARRGH!! Tusk is hurt!”

The battered demons fired upwards and the head was surrounded by flames. More arrows struck home and, on the castle walls, Coral’s cameraman zoomed into the fantastical head.

“Look! It actually is a scaly version of Tusk! This is one for Moshe, I guess, assuming we.. Wait! It’s’s.. gone!”

(to be continued)





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