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From: Vincent Wee-Foo <>

Sent: 03 January 2019 02:28

To: neil mcewan

Subject: Re: Gravity warp

{Added to that, Einstein is a reflection of Faraday (according to my website and his quote).}

One of the earliest physicists to posit an ether as the propagating medium for electromagnetic forces was Michael Faraday, who introduced the concept of "lines of force" to demonstrate how electric and magnetic forces are transmitted between particles in an ambient medium, and to represent the disposition of these forces in space." - Ether and field theories

It can be said that Einstein works are a reflection of James Clerk Maxwell works (his original aether based Maxwell equations), and Maxwell works are a reflection of Faraday work. It is therefore reasonable to say that Einstein is a reflection of Faraday.

Just on semantics: They are relative facts of its subjective reality, not "real" facts. 

The conceptual model of aether was officially abandoned in modern physics, how could those very intelligent guys on the Forums not be confused.

Absolute concepts of balance and proportion are tied to natural rhythms, seasons. a mixture of stillness (Earth) and movement (stars) and so is absolute – ie not relative movement. The body is an athletic absolute, the head is proportionate.

This may seem just like words and, yes, I think there is something in that! Relativity is a linguistic wordtrap and the Forums with people like Vincent seem to engage in an ongoing argument on semantics.

As I said, though, if the universe is illusory (what Vincent calls “paradoxical”), then a logical, factual theory will always be confusing. Let’s just say that, in the right context things can make sense, and natural rhythms can make use of


Reflections are convincing (Pictorial 27) and this is where I want to bring-in Vincent’s quote at top. He agrees with my statement (see Hyborian Bridge 21 for full quote) and, while I am largely a self-taught scientist (Tales of Faith 5) he is au fait with quantum mechanics; more than enough to justify confidence.

One has to bear in mind that – in a relative universe of reflections – the SAME fact can have different interpretations (Hyborian Bridge 45), hence the fantastic bind since convincing facts (reflections) are also confusing!

Note, I said “quantum mechanics”: this is engineering and, not surprisingly, “they” (the scientific powers that be) assume the universe is an engineering artefact. This is an ego-trap: the head is bombarded by convincing facts of a relative universe. But these facts are born of confusion, they are spurious. We do not live in a relative universe – that exists in CERN. It is the creation essentially of hygiene, which is the other side of the coin to convincing reflections..

The head becomes detached from the proportionate body (athlete) and the ego is attached to these convincing “facts” that breed confusion. Why? Because the universe is not engineered in a hygienic vacuum! The universe is a product of balance and proportion. The rhythms we experience in nature are absolute rhythms born of stillness (Earth) and motion (cosmos).

Our bodies are perfect; yes, that entails engineering but there is a primordial rhythm that lets the throat sing, that lets us dance, that makes men men and women women.

Any universe which is understood to be engineered will encounter fundamental contradictions: it will be very convincing (facts) but also confusing (relativistic). It will not be proportionate nor balanced.

Facts can always have different interpretations, and that is the lie of a relative universe that is made up of “facts” but no primordial rhythm.

Cultures that are attractive have a primordial element to them – not just the fantasy of Hyboria – but Motown. The “sound” of Motown is composed of the street-culture of Detroit City, the innate vibrancy boyed up by jangly guitars and the entire milieu, the stable of songwriters, performing artists and officelife all-of-a-piece.


Now, a recording studio is engineering but that’s not what it is. It’s a vibe, a rhythm, an atmosphere or it’s nothing. The ultimate example is..


Gaye uses street sounds to liven up and amplify his introspective performance. Motown is a place, a microcosm of the macrocosm (see Wild Horses Avril Lavigne) surrounded by lakes and fir forests, seasonal treats. Movement and stillness, calm and storm.. This is absolute reality that can’t be pinned-down to “facts”. It is the music that “they” are intent on expunging.


The powers that be want to suppress authentic culture with their engineered universe (powered by AI and algorithms). If you go back to Hyborian Bridge 21, Faraday invented the solenoid, an engineering design. Relativity (SR) is a reflection of that, and we have the pure geometry of CERN. It’s a type of ego-trap of convincing facts that are bound to be confusing – in the relative universe.

The “PR head” of facts (Hyborian Bridge 25) attaches to what is really a “hygiene-machine” that is outside the real, proportionate universe. While we’re at it, where you have Detroit City, you have the surroundings and the fabled cowboy and lake Indian (white versus black versus red culture). Sandi Thom’s When Horsepower Meant what it Said (prev) hits the spot because riding a horse is a study in rhythms. Walk, trot, cantor, gallop..flying leap over a wall..landing.

Horses are not engineered. Yes, they have engineering properties but they are fabled beasts of perfect poise. The fascinating world of action, man and beast, is what “they” are seeking to replace with facts and PR

Bezos NOT visiting Amazon

The ancients knew this of course. See Hyborian Bridge 2 on Roman engineering that “merges” with landscape and riverbanks. Greek temples are a study in subtle proportions. We live in the world of the False Apollo who tries to do without the primordial (Dionysus) that gives meaning and power to life.

The prophecies of Rachel, verse 200.

“In the aftermath of the blood-drenched battle of the wurm, the European establishment has been exposed as an arcane outthrust of the lost land of Stygia, worshippers of the serpent-god Set.

“Moshe, it seems that –overnight – the axis of Europe has shifted from the west – from Brussels and the Swiss Alps and CERN – to where we are here, the ancient land of mitteleuropa. What happened?”

“What happened?! A lot of things, Coral.. some good, some very bad.”

“The battle first. Have you any idea how Tusk came to betray his true identity?”

“Yes. The way he talked, his evocation of the scene. He was very sensitive to atmosphere. By some fluke Rachel shouted “Phaugh!” which is a Stygian epithet. Tusk immediately picked this up, and the atmosphere immediately became more Stygian. The magic of the ancient gods was called forth by Tusk through the medium of the bridge.”

“But, how did his head become part of the wurm?”

“Again, it’s to do with words, Coral. “Tusk” also means a long horn in English.. something which attaches to the head of the wurm, or dragon. “Phaugh” called forth the inquisitive creature and the dimensional overlap of Hyboria with modernity meant the two became one. Sorry for not being more know how it is.. words, words”

“I’m sure, but – woah! Does that mean we have to be careful what we say now? I mean with the..”

“No. The dimensional overlap only affects those of the serpent race. They know who they are, and they are on the run now. It was by my hand that the overlap took place, and it will be the land of Transylvania that deals the death blow to this race out of time.”

(to be continued)

{From: Vincent Wee-Foo <>

Sent: 04 January 2019 02:26

To: neil mcewan

Subject: Re: Gravity warp

{Perhaps in a future era CERN will seem like a fantastic fable?}

I believe so. And along with CERN, goes the Big Bang Theory, Cosmic Inflation, forward time travel, and all other postulations of modern physics.





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