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I was watching Indian Agent with Tim Holt and Claudia Drake as Turquoise (1948) and, apart from the moral tenor of the story, the linework is also pretty good.

The lived-in shacks where everything is squiggly; the ethnic drapery; the baroque contours on a tree trunk. It's the Barry Smith syndrome where the rundown steps have ornate cracks. The Roman principle of building into and not over nature, so that the buildings retain a natural strength (HB2). 

The lines if nature and the lines of culture meet, and art-deco is the result (Louis Sullivan Americana). As Harlan Ellison has said, "There won't be any more art-deco skyscrapers". The sense of antique oldness is anathema to "they" who live only in the future.

They talk of spaceflights to Mars, when actually they speak of inaction. The wandering lines of nature speak of action; the with d, the seasons, that sees the sun speed through the sky, that creates dynamism.

In the dynamic and cyclical world age-old patinas are the norm; in the future of the Black Sun (prev) age-old patinas are extinct. The things that come with action are the things previously mentioned; atmosphere, sinuous movements  poetic temperament, introspection. Everything to do with mood and revival is bound-up with cy local recurrence.

Where the sun goes the moon is sure to follow for they are twins (Artemis and Apollo). The blood of the forest breathes renewal and continuity.

Where there is a cyclical system of bloodlust there is essentially no rubbish, just a lot of blood and scavengers among the ever-falling and every regenerating leaves.

Fertility - the opposite of sterility - in the land of baroque linework out of Noto's "Red Lace". It is savage but real and there us no escaping it because it is the blood-red hunt for food.

In other words, the hunt (Diana) is the active side of our basic survival. Without the blood-cycle there is no revival from decay, no strength of soil, no cleanliness of dirt.

There is only sterility and rubbish; the two go together. When culture goes away from nature - away from irregularity and woven leaves - it goes into weakness and illusio n. This is the real vision of Musk's smart-rocket that travels INTO resolved space.

Musk is the spawn of the competitive order - the missing link between Galileo and Newton/Einstein - Darwin. Competition produces sterility because there is no intrinsic drive to linework. The drive that is found in the decaying plant matter in sphagnum moss peatland. The plants that grow in the acidic mosaic of greens and browns. The lightning lines of breeding birds that feed in the maze of pools 

Competition is completely secondary to the linework of decay and renewal that articulates the color and melody if these ancient terrains, that accent the ascent of the huntress, Diana.

Technology is always going towards the vanishing point in that parallel lines (of a parallel system) always meet at the vanishing point (of technique, see "speed".)

This is both very convincing (to the who) and a convincing illusion (appearance, Apollo). It pays to go back in time, sat mid 19th century to HG Wells..


Spade House, HG Wells' residence, near where I live.

..where there are fewer straight lines. Psychologically, we may nowadays sense the illusory reality that us also very real - so which us it? 

Is it a schizophrenic reality? Numbers are convincing to the ego; whereas linework is physical substance. The ego is fooled into advancing INTO illusory space that manifests as eternal newness, rubbish from which is eternally removed.

That is the future of straight lines that always head into the vanishing point. To be aware of physical substance one should build like a Roman, INTO the natural forms of rock, river, terrain (Earth). Roman roads are straight but not PERFECTLY straight. Same goes gir medieval castles, Greek temples; nothing is perfect because that is an illusion of the ego (head).

Where Man builds into nature, the lines of the two overlap. There's Portmeirion, setting if The Prisoner; this was built-up partly from previously demolished buildings into a deliberate bricolage of Italianate styles on the North Wales coast.



The deliberate nostalgia is powerful and provocative. Nature is physically there and it has the lines to prove it. It's the antithesis of boredom, which is straight lines and perspective.

Yes, but boredom is attractive to the ego, and so we get the physical boredom that manifests as sterility and rubbish (prev.) This is really what Musk &Co are all about; they are all ego and therefore everything must be new and at the same time rubbish.

In this future there can be no revival from gentle decline; from a joining with natural cycles. Going back to the film, Indian Agent, Red Fox and his squaw Turquoise you could see as hippy-type characters. They have the gentle natural spirit - that can turn ferocious and bloody (here another attempted burning of the white plunderer) - while the whites have complexity with a few bad apples and some hood eggs.

The feminine and natural and poetic psyche are the hippyesque side if things that seek to build into nature rather than over it (another quote from Ellison.)


In this print by Elena, cowboys and Indians are different but have an affinity of psyche. The cycle of growth is the spirit that regenerates the land. Man builds into the spirit and wanders the forest. The linework us real and there is no sense of the sterility and rubbish of straight-line perspective (ego, number). 

The new is therefore destroyed by the old, and this is the way that hippyesque - or cowboy or Indian - type revival can occur from decadence (strength, fertility).

Elena is doing a montage of all three of these illos, replacing The Eye of Zeitoon and Sunfighter.

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